About Me

Images which capture feeling…
…and make your heart sing.

Photographer / Artist

Carol Graham

I learned to love photography as a child, spending memorable hours helping my father processing black and white images in his darkroom. It wasn’t until I was older that I fully appreciated having had a darkroom and enlarger in our house – I just assumed every house had blackout curtains and cupboards full of developer!

I now use modern digital cameras rather than film.  However, in the same way that I loved processing images in the darkroom, I now love digital post-processing of images. I am inspired by creative fine art photographers like Brooke Shaden, and i’m always aiming to capture emotions in my work – to recreate what I feel as much as what I see. In some of my creative images I use composites, and often incorporate found textures and hand-painted backdrops.

I have been a music and concert photographer since 2012 – which allows me to combine my passion for photography with my love of live music. I relish photographing intimate gigs and rehearsals as much as large festivals, and I love the challenges of working in low light – often with constraints of time and with little space to manouvre.

My photographs and creative images have been exhibited in galleries and publications,  are routinely published in the UK and internationally, and have been used as artwork for CDs, DVDs and marketing.

I am based in Glasgow, Scotland.